Moisture build-up and mold can be lurking under your very own roof!  Infrared Technology (IR) allows us to detect moisture beneath the roof BEFORE your ceiling caves in. 

With the use of Infrared Technology, we have a few advantages:


When repairing your roof, without such technology, the roof repair technician will have to tear off shingles in order to figure out where your issue is stemming from.  With IR technology, we can almost pinpoint where the water is coming from when we see a spot above the ceiling. 


Infrared Technology to view Moisture
Infrared Technology to view Moisture

For flat roofs, if you notice damage early on, you can opt for a silicone roof coating.  This protects the roof from the surface outwards.  But, if you don’t check what’s underneath first, you’re just trapping that moisture.  The old “band aids can’t fix bullet holes” scenario!  Using IR technology, we can measure the extent of moisture developing beneath the roof. 

Using IR technology, we were able to notice the amount of moisture beneath this roof before we started the project. 


Infrared Technology to view Moisture
Infrared Technology to view Moisture

This is a picture captured by an IR camera showing water pooling above the ceiling.  This leak was stemming from a leak in their roof that had gone unnoticed. 

Therefore, we’ve seen a growing concern about the potential health effects of mold.  Not to mention the liability!  Wet roofing can become an excellent environment for mold to grow.  Using IR technology to evaluate beneath your roof can give you time to stop the problem before it spreads.