We have a leaking roof that needs repaired before the storm! That is what we are often told.

A customer called us for a roof leak on a property that was two years old. Not a roof we completed. While walking the roof and evaluating its condition, we discovered the roof leak was due to cracking caulking around the pipe boot flashing.

Why would two year old caulking fail? A primary reasons for caulk failure is using a low quality caulk or applying caulk which is beyond the expiration date. Caulk that is of poor quality does not have the ability to stretch and flex. It will harden and lose its elasticity over time.

I am consistently surprised how often homeowners choose the low priced contractor for their project then complain when the project has failed. When picking your contractor, keep this in mind. Low priced contractors use low cost labor and materials.

When you suspect that you have a roof leak, contact Bighorn Roofing and Exteriors, LLC.

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