What To Look for with a New Commercial Roof

What To Look for with a New Commercial Roof

What To Look for with a New Commercial Roof

Roofing is one of the most significant parts of any commercial premises. A new commercial roof helps you protect your investments while improving the appearance of the structure. A new commercial roof could boost your premise’s worth if you were to sell it. Additionally, while a commercial roof helps in protecting your working equipment from

Do Not Wait Too Long Before Replacing Your Roof

If the roof on your property looks like this and you are waiting for a hailstorm, don’t wait too long. The roof will leak before an insurance carrier will cover a roof in this condition.  Once a roof covering has outlived the material life expectancy, insurance is not going to cover it and if the

We have a leaking roof!

We have a leaking roof that needs repaired before the storm! That is what we are often told. A customer called us for a roof leak on a property that was two years old. Not a roof we completed. While walking the roof and evaluating its condition, we discovered the roof leak was due to

Infrared Technology

Moisture build-up and mold can be lurking under your very own roof!  Infrared Technology (IR) allows us to detect moisture beneath the roof BEFORE your ceiling caves in.  With the use of Infrared Technology, we have a few advantages: KNOWING WHERE THE WATER IS When repairing your roof, without such technology, the roof repair technician